Wood Flooring


Alternative Surfaces


  • Admonter

    Do you want the most versatile wooden floor available? Nobody offers more catalogue choices than Admonter.

  • Bassano

    Do you want a floor that's utterly bespoke to your own design? Bassano offers limitless choice at a…

  • Boen

    What's your style? Boen's edit of today's most prevalent styles will help you find your inner floor.

  • Kährs

    How important is the planet to you? Kahrs, one of the original manufacturers of engineered hardwood flooring, offer…

  • QuickStep Hardwood

    Do you want an engineered wood floor you can fit yourself? Quickstep's famous locking system is the easiest…

  • Xylo

    Do you want your new floor "yesterday"? We can almost do that!

  • Maintenance

     What kind of care does your floor need? We are busy living. We have balance kids, work, friends,…

  • Treatex

    What finish are you? Protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood with Treatex Hardwax Oil.

  • Underfloor Heating

    Do you want the feel of a floor that's always warm to bare feet? Underfloor heating brings you…

  • Crucial Trading

    Do you love the textures of nature? From Mediaeval matting to modern high-quality luxury wool carpet,

  • Custom Carpet

    Do you want a carpet completely tailored to your wishes? We can create any design you want!

  • Jacaranda

    Would you get a kick out of owning a handmade carpet or rug? Jacaranda is the work of…

  • Louis de Poortere

    Do you want carpet that lasts a lifetime? This company offers simply unparalleled quality in pure wool

  • Mohawk

    Do you want a carpet that will survive your children and pets? This one is the easiest to…

  • Ryalux

    Do you want an extra-wide carpet? This top-quality wool carpet comes up to 7m wide

  • Concreate

    Do you want a concrete floor that is as comfortable as wood? Concreate is the warm and affordable…

  • Pergo

    Do you worry about scratches on your floor? Pergo is virtually scratch-proof!

  • Rugs

    Do you want a versatile work of art for your floor?A beautiful rug will travel with you for…

  • Vorwerk Re/Cover green

    Would you like the most stylish non-wood hard flooring on the market? Vorwerk offers a natural, eco-sustainable solution