Do you want the most versatile wooden floor available?   Nobody offers more catalogue choices than Admonter.

Alternative Flooring

Do you want a bold, quirky statement carpet?   This company offers everything from zebra stripes to polka dots!


Do you want a floor that's utterly bespoke to your own design?   Bassano offers limitless choice at a surprisingly affordable price.


Do you dream of bending and shaping wood to your will to create a work of art?  This company has perfected advanced engineering design which facilitates bespoke designs beyond your wildest imagination.


What's your style?  Boen's edit of today's most prevalent styles will help you find your inner floor. 

Boen Classic Elegance

Do you want a floor with a sense of history?  Classic Elegance recalls the harmony and symmetry of traditional stately homes.

Boen Modern Rustic

Do you want a floor which emanates soul and warmth?  This range of wide, rough-hewn floorboards offers an instant lived-in look.

Boen Pure Nordic

Do you love the clean Scandinavian look?  Pure Nordic has it nailed.

Boen Urban Contrast

Do you love Nordic noir?   This company puts all the drama of the dark side into a floor.


Do you want a concrete floor that is as comfortable as wood?  Concreate is the warm and affordable answer!

Crucial Trading

Do you love the textures of nature?  From Mediaeval matting to modern high-quality luxury wool carpet,

Custom Carpet

Do you want a carpet completely tailored to your wishes?   We can create any design you want!

Custom Floors

Do you want a wood floor that's totally bespoke?   We can supply a finish and shade tailored to your individual requirements.


Do you want a wood floor which meets a tight budget?  This company will see you right.


Would you get a kick out of owning a handmade carpet or rug?   Jacaranda is the work of 21st century artisans.


How important is the planet to you?   Kahrs, one of the original manufacturers of engineered hardwood flooring, offer an environmentally-aware choice.


Do you want a waterproof man-made floor which replicates the beauty of natural materials?   This company brings you virtually indestructible versions of stone, slate, marble and wood.


 Do you want a rare and beautiful floor?  Leather is a distinctive and surprisingly practical choice.

Louis de Poortere

Do you want carpet that lasts a lifetime?  This company offers simply unparalleled quality in pure wool


Do you want a carpet that will survive your children and pets?   This one is the easiest to clean on the planet!

Natural Elements

Do you want a carpet that screams luxury?  This company offers carpets which look like a million dollars.

Other carpet brands

We also showcase a number of lesser-known brands specially selected for their unique qualities. 


Do you want a wood floor for a bathroom?  This company furnishes yachts with decking perfect for domestic use where water is present


Do you worry about scratches on your floor?  Pergo is virtually scratch-proof!

Pergo Sensation

Do you want the elegant good looks of wood in a kitchen or bathroom?  Pergo Sensation is the 100% waterproof solution!

Posners Private Collection

Do you want a carpet that feels like silk?   We have created our own affordable luxury range.

QuickStep Hardwood

Do you want an engineered wood floor you can fit yourself?   Quickstep's famous locking system is the easiest to install.


Do you want a hard floor in a solid block of colour for a bathroom or galley kitchen?  Rubber is a beautiful modern solution.


Do you want an extra-wide carpet?   This top-quality wool carpet comes up to 7m wide


Do you want an ultra-clean, green wooden floor in a wide choice of natural shades as well as bold rainbow hues?   This company offers the ecological edge.