Other Choices



Do you want a concrete floor that is as comfortable as wood? Concreate is the warm and affordable answer!


Do you want a waterproof man-made floor which replicates the beauty of natural materials? This company brings you virtually indestructible versions of stone, slate, marble…


 Do you want a rare and beautiful floor? Leather is a distinctive and surprisingly practical choice.


Do you worry about scratches on your floor? Pergo is virtually scratch-proof!

Pergo Sensation

Do you want the elegant good looks of wood in a kitchen or bathroom? Pergo Sensation is the 100% waterproof solution!


Do you want a hard floor in a solid block of colour for a bathroom or galley kitchen? Rubber is a beautiful modern solution.


Do you want a versatile work of art for your floor?A beautiful rug will travel with you for life wherever you want to go.Ancient cultures…

Vorwerk Re/Cover green

Would you like the most stylish non-wood hard flooring on the market? Vorwerk offers a natural, eco-sustainable solution