Do you want a versatile work of art for your floor?

A beautiful rug will travel with you for life wherever you want to go.

Ancient cultures have been weaving rugs for more than a millennium, but today's homeowners can create their own bespoke rugs as well as selecting from a wide range of ready-mades which can move from room to room, one home to the next.

Choose a fabulously coloured or textured piece of carpet, plain or patterned, cut to size and custom-bind with a border of your choice.  Consider an exclusive design by one of the great contemporary artists who are bringing their inspiration to bear on floors as well as gallery walls or explore the possibilities of leather and hide as an intriguing alternative to wool, silk. cotton and man-made materials.
  • Portable
  • Bespoke
  • Bring warmth to  a wooden floor
  • Creeate an area of interest with a sriking focal point
  • Available to suit every budget

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