Alternative Flooring

Do you want a bold, quirky statement carpet? This company offers everything from zebra stripes to polka dots!

Crucial Trading

Do you love the textures of nature? From Mediaeval matting to modern high-quality luxury wool carpet,

Custom Carpet

Do you want a carpet completely tailored to your wishes? We can create any design you want!


Would you get a kick out of owning a handmade carpet or rug? Jacaranda is the work of 21st century artisans.

Louis de Poortere

Do you want carpet that lasts a lifetime? This company offers simply unparalleled quality in pure wool


Do you want a carpet that will survive your children and pets? This one is the easiest to clean on the planet!

Natural Elements

Do you want a carpet that screams luxury? This company offers carpets which look like a million dollars.

Other carpet brands

We also showcase a number of lesser-known brands specially selected for their unique qualities.

Posners Private Collection

Do you want a carpet that feels like silk? We have created our own affordable luxury range.


Do you want an extra-wide carpet? This top-quality wool carpet comes up to 7m wide

Van Besouw

Do you want continental chic? These are some of the most elegant colours and textures on the market.

Victoria Carpets

Do you want a great-looking carpet in neutral or soft, warm shades? This company offers classy good looks for a surprisingly affordable price.