Jacaranda Himalayan Hand Knotted Rug Jacaranda Himalayan Hand Knotted Rug


Would you get a kick out of owning a handmade carpet or rug?   Jacaranda is the work of 21st century artisans.

Jacaranda is an Indian company whose artisans weave on wooden looms in the ancient traditional way in a clean, modern environment.

We love the fabulous selection of carpets produced here, full of character.  A big plus is the committment to the Goodweave symbol - what this means to you and me is no slave labour.  There is also a super selection of rugs from stock, as well as bespoke rugs to order.

  • Huge range of unique textures
  • Wide choice of natural and vibrant colours
  • Luxurious wool as well as silky, high-quality viscose fibres
  • Highly ethical employment practices guaranteed with the Goodweave mark.